The vibrant Community Arts traditions and strong-knit communities of practitioners in both San Francisco and Baltimore City were influential to my thinking and building a practice of my own. And since moving to Midcoast Maine in 2012 I’ve sought out others and build that same vibrancy, tradition, and professionalism here. 

The experience of working with galleries, dance companies, public schools, and non- profits as a community artist is rewarding. Each has invited me to gain understanding about their existing frameworks, but also, in most cases, I’ve been expected to offer my skills as an artist and organizer who will provide ways for these groups to take a closer look at how they strategize toward specific goals. I tend to see this process mirrored in my own artmaking, an improvisation of the independence I’ve gained through the support of others.


Since 2012, I have anchored my community arts workshops at the Rockland Community Building with the support of the staff and several allies in the arts community including Arts in Rockland (AIR).


I offer SaturdayStudio a free arts mentorship program which supports a number of year-round community led arts leadership initiatives, including public and mural arts programs, including the Farnsworth Museum's Summer Mural Arts program, several projects with middle and high school youth with Lindsay Pinchbeck at Sweet Tree Arts and as the mural director of RASA's Arts in Action.


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TIMELAPSE  Rec. Center Community Mural, Summer 2014. from a mural done for the Community Building with RASA's Arts In Action/ Adult and Community Ed.